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Sports Vision Therapy in Northampton MA

photo (2)Performing well on the athletic field requires more than strength and stamina – it requires excellent visual skills.

At Northampton Vision Specialists, we help athletes and sports teams improve their visual efficiency through a vision therapy program that has been custom tailored to their precise visual needs. From helping an athlete “keep an eye on the ball” to judging the distance and location of a goal, basket or hole, the vision therapy program can improve visual abilities such as:

  • photo 3Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Eye Tracking
  • Eye Focusing
  • Visual Reaction Time
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Visual Acuity
  • Depth Perception

Sports vision therapy patients at Northampton Vision Specialists will begin by having a Sports Vision Assessment with one of our doctors. The therapy itself consists of sessions that utilize a variety of innovative technologies, devices and procedures to meet each patient’s visual needs – including our newly-added visual batting cage.

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