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Optometric Phototherapy

Optometric phototherapy is a form of light therapy that has been used to treat vision disorders for more than 80 years. Although sometimes used on its own, optometric phototherapy is frequently used in conjunction with vision therapy to increase the efficiency, speed and success rate of treating vision disorders.

During an optometric phototherapy session, patients sit in a darkened room and gaze at a field of colored light for a period of 20 minutes. The color or wavelength of light depends on the vision deficit being treated, which may include ocular pain, photosensitivity, accommodative dysfunctions, binocular dysfunctions, visual processing deficits, strabismus or amblyopia.

The sessions are repeated until the patient’s vision improves and symptoms decrease, with most patients requiring about 20-25 sessions of phototherapy treatment.

Will I Benefit from Optometric Phototherapy?

At Northampton Vision Specialists, we use optometric phototherapy to help patients maximize their overall visual functioning. The decision to recommend optometric phototherapy is based on specific clinical findings, as well as presenting signs and symptoms.

As a first time patient, I wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful treatment that you and your staff provided me. What really shines through is: caring, kindness, compassion, positive attitudes, and of course, great professional expertise. What a great team you have!

Pat Colwell

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