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Testimonial: One Patient’s Experience with Therapeutic Prisms


I have been wearing trifocals with prisms for a few years now.  I recently noticed when I didn’t have my glasses on for brief periods of time I felt ok, with no difficulties with balance or disequilibrium.  So, I had a pair of glasses made with just my distance vision prescription and no prisms to see if I really needed them.  When I put the glasses on, I had a little difficulty adjusting to them, but I assumed within a short time, I’d become used to them.  Then, after about 45 minutes, as I was sitting in a chair, I began to have the sensation of a rocking motion, as if I was on a boat.  I tried walking around, but I began to feel off balance.  I realized these glasses were not going to work for me and put my trifocals with the prisms back on.  As I sat in the chair, I could feel a change within my body, a shift, as if everything was being reorganized.  I could feel it in my muscles, down into my bones.  At that point, I realized how much I needed the prisms to help me feel grounded and stable. – Cathy Boschen

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