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Sports Vision Has Launched!

Dr. Hannigan, Dr. Clay, Dr. Ruggiero and their team from Northampton Vision Specialists are excited to launch sports vision into the practice. On August 30th, the doctors spoke at the Western Mass Athletics soccer meeting for parents and coaches.  They talked about how essential and important visual skills are to athletic performance, and how they can evaluate and train these skills! Eye tracking, teaming, focusing, visual motor integration and visual processing are all vital to excelling at any sport.  The doctors got to demonstrate exciting new technology and the players and their parents had a blast trying out the gadgets and devices.

On September 19th, Dr. Clay, Dr. Hannigan and two technicians joined the U12 girl’s soccer team on the field and evaluated each player’s sports vision skills.  The players rotated through four stations to assess their depth perception, visual processing, eye tracking, binocular vision, and much more.  The players and the testers all had a great time.

After the data is scored, each player will receive a personalized assessment outlining their particular visual strengths and areas of improvement. The doctors and group from Northampton Vision Specialists will then get to return to the U12 girl’s team for four weeks in October where visual skills will be trained and enhanced, after which another assessment will reveal how much improvement each player has made!  Taking your vision to the next level means taking your sport performance to the next level, and Dr. Clay and Dr. Hannigan can’t wait to work more with athletes and teams.

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