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Our Optical Shop is Open to the Public 

6-3-13 189Whether helping patients choose the perfect pair of frames, fitting frames to a patient’s head or educating patients about how to clean and care for their contact lenses, our experienced optician is always available to provide individualized care.

At Northampton Vision Specialists, our goal is to provide the best possible vision care in a warm and friendly environment. We’ll always listen to your needs and concerns and then work to maximize your visual function so that you can be successful at the things you want and need to do.

Sophia NVS


Sophia has BLOSSOMED since getting her glasses. Lots more interaction with peers, full-on beams to her teachers, frank invitations to play…it’s as if not being able to see well enough made her turn inward and hide out in the unclarity. Now that the world is clear, it’s as if the clouds have blown away and out comes the sun!

Sophia’s teacher

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