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Eyeglass Lenses in Northampton MA

At Northampton Vision Specialists, we offer the latest lens designs to maximize optics and improve overall visual functioning. We work closely with patients to ensure we’re providing them with the best lens for their vision needs, so they can achieve clear, sharp vision at all distances.

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Chemistrie Lenses

With the power of magnets, Chemistrie lenses simply click on and off of your everyday glasses to transform your prescription eyeglasses into sunglasses, reading/computer glasses or 3D glasses. After inconspicuously¬†adding the magnets to your existing glasses, we’ll fit you with the lenses that best suit you needs.

Progressive Computer Lenses

Karin measuring1

Combat symptoms of computer fatigue syndrome with a pair of progressive computer lenses. These lenses are designed to meet the increased visual need that accompanies frequent computer, tablet and smartphone usage by sharpening vision and decreasing neck pain and dry eye.

I have purchased several pairs of glasses through Northampton Vision Specialists. The staff was fabulous, supportive and helpful while I chose new frames that would be the most attractive and comfortable. I received many compliments after that purchase!

Laurel Dickey

Amherst, MA

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