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Northampton Vision Specialists Welcomes our Newest Clinician

Karlyn FryeKarlyn Frye joined Northampton Vision Specialists as an Occupational/Vision Therapist in 2015. Her training as a health and rehabilitation professional has prepared her to work with people of all ages who need specialized assistance to lead independent, productive and satisfying lives. Karlyn has years of experience working with patients to address the struggles they face in doing things that are important to them. For very young children, this may mean working towards being able to dress or eat independently. For school age children, the goal might be to sit and pay attention in the classroom or write legibly.

A Vision Therapy graduate herself, Karlyn has a longstanding passion for vision and the important role it plays in all aspects of daily living. In fact, during her graduate training, she completed a research project that looked at the critical relationship between balance and vision in gymnastics. Her findings supported the fact that vision is the most important sense when it comes to balance.

Karlyn understands the complex neural relationships that support sensory integration, and that are so critical to a person’s ability to understand and interact with their world. She realizes that underlying visual issues must be addressed for a patient to fully reach their performance goals and needs.

During her work with school children, Karlyn observed that unidentified/untreated visual deficits prevented children from being successful in what they needed to do in order to be successful students. For example, she found that no matter what she did as an occupational therapist to improve a child’s handwriting, such as building hand strength and dexterity, their handwriting was never going to get better if there was an unidentified/untreated convergence insufficiency.

Karlyn is a gymnast and has recently been participating in circus activities including aerial classes. She also takes art classes and practices yoga.

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