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Meet our New Intern: Jessica Haake

photo-10Jessica Haake is a fourth-year optometry student at the New England College of Optometry who is working at Northampton Vision Specialists this fall as an intern. Throughout the semester, Jessica will work alongside Dr. Ruggiero in the evaluation and treatment of patients to deepen her understanding of the optometry field. “I hope to learn more about the developmental side of the optometric field so I can incorporate vision therapy into my offerings as an eye care provider,” Jessica said. “I am especially interested in working with children to improve their visual systems so they’re best prepared for school and the future.”

Jessica was led to a career in optometry by her fascination with the visual system. “It’s an incredibly important part of a person’s overall health and well being,” she said.

Jessica is originally from New Jersey. She completed her undergraduate degree at The College of New Jersey.

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