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Dr. Ruggiero Speaks at Cooley Dickinson Hospital

photoDr. Ruggiero spoke to the rehabilitation team at Cooley Dickinson Health Care last month in a presentation titled, “The Visual Consequences of Acquired Brain Injuries and the Role of the Neuro-Optometrist on the Rehabilitation Team.” Approximately 20 rehabilitation professionals attended the presentation, including occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists.

During the presentation, Dr. Ruggiero reviewed the neuroanatomy of the visual system and its function, highlighting key “brain facts” that show the tremendous impact brain injuries can have on a person’s visual functioning. Also covered, was the significant role vision plays in our balance, which accounts for the high rate of disequilibrium after a brain injury. “All individuals who have suffered a brain injury should have a complete visual rehabilitation assessment by a developmental/neuro-optometrist,” Dr. Ruggiero said.

During the presentation, attendees were able to temporarily experience some of the visual consequences their patients face by wearing special eyeglasses. Pictured here, is speech therapist Lori Korza trying on a pair of glasses that cause diplopia, or double vision. When asked to smile for the camera, Korza stated, “There’s nothing to smile about with diplopia.”

There was so much enthusiasm and interest over the presentation that Dr. Ruggiero will be returning next month to cover additional information.

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