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Children’s Vision & Learning Month

IMG_3401Did you know that 25 percent of children in elementary school have a visual problem that is serious enough to interfere with learning?

In observance of Children’s Vision & Learning Month this August, we’d like to remind you how important it is for all children to have a comprehensive vision exam by a developmental optometrist. By looking closely at a child’s visual processing system, a developmental optometrist can detect common visual problems related to tracking, eye coordination and focusing that aren’t typically identified during traditional vision exams. In fact, these visual issues often appear in children who were previously fitted for glasses or diagnosed with 20/20 vision.

It’s important to realize that these visual disorders also appear in children who have suffered concussions. Frequently misdiagnosed as a learning or behavioral problem, some common symptoms include:

  • Difficulty completing homework
  • Poor concentration
  • Loos of place while reading
  • Sore, uncomfortable or tired eyes while reading

Whether a child was born with a visual disorder, or developed one due to a head injury, vision therapy can help. Under the guidance of a developmental optometrist, these regular therapy sessions can help children develop the visual skills needed to excel in school, on the athletic field and beyond.

For more information about the critical link between vision and learning, please click here. Or, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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