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August is Children’s Vision and Learning Month


Did you know that one in 10 children have a vision problem that is significant enough to affect their performance in school? With up to 80 percent of learning occurring through a child’s vision, this can have a huge impact on their ability to succeed in the classroom.

For the past 11 years, The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) has held an annual campaign to bring awareness to the critical connection between vision and learning. This campaign aims to help both parents and educators understand that visual ability is not just about whether a child can adequately see the chalkboard. Rather, it’s about how well their eyes are able to focus, work together and track smoothly.

Left undiagnosed, these problems can lead to learning difficulties in school – along  with headaches and poor reading comprehension. It can also lead to misdiagnoses of ADD/ADHD.

The Importance of a Yearly Vision Exam

The best way to ensure your child is prepared for school is to schedule a comprehensive vision exam with a developmental optometrist. At Northampton Vision Specialists, examinations include a full evaluation of a patient’s visual system to ensure every child has the visual skills to succeed in the classroom, on the athletic field and in life.

For more information on vision and learning, please click here.

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