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About Northampton Vision Specialists

Northampton Vision Specialists was founded in 1993 by Dr. Theresa J. Ruggiero. Twenty years later, we’ve become a leading authority on developmental optometry, as well as one of the few developmental/behavioral optometry practices in the region.

IMG_4031As developmental/behavioral optometrists, we are concerned not only with the health of your eyes, but also with the functioning of your overall visual system. What this means, is that our care doesn’t stop at 20/20 eyesight and healthy eyes, but aims to maximize the vision and quality of life for every patient – from the young child struggling to read to the adult with double vision. This approach allows us to look at the whole person and how they function in their environment.

6-7-13 155Providing this level of care means we must spend a significant amount of time with our patients. To us, providing comprehensive vision care means listening carefully to our patients, learning about their visual needs and taking the time to develop a complete understanding of their visual functioning so we can help them accomplish their goals. In other words, you will never be “just another patient” at Northampton Vision Specialists. Perhaps this is why so many children and adults come to see us from all over the world for their vision care.

6-7-13 177We see a wide variety of patients who are in need of routine care. Other patients come to us with a history of visual problems that were not adequately addressed in the past, and with our help, have overcome difficulty in the classroom, addressed the visual consequences of brain trauma (including double vision) and improved athletic performance.

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Northampton Vision Specialists offers comprehensive vision care and utilizes the most advanced diagnostic instruments and therapies. Services include routine eye exams, contact lens fittings (including multifocal contacts), eye health assessments, eyeglasses, optometric vision therapy and visual rehabilitation.

[Northampton Vision Specialists] makes you feel like you are their most important patient! They are thorough in examining and assessing my eyes and explain exactly what is happening. When a decision is required, I’m a part of it.

Marge LaRoche
Amherst, MA

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