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Mission Statement

When it comes to your vision, seeing clearly and having healthy eyes is just the beginning.

Theresa & Beth - Ruggiero Vision Photoshoot 069The goal of our practice is to maximize your vision through deliberate, patient-centered care. In doing so, we strive to help you achieve your highest potential.

We recognize the close relationship between vision and learning and understand the frustration and needless struggles that result when a child or adult suffers with an undiagnosed visual condition.

By evaluating and treating all aspects of vision and eye health, and embracing the neuroplasticity that underlies a patient’s ability to reorganize his or her vision, our goal is to help every patient reach their full potential and improve their overall quality of life.

The office provides a very unique approach to treating vision needs. They make a point of treating whole patients and not just their eyes. They do a wonderful job working with young children.

Mom of Brady

South Hadley, MA

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